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Revitalization of Morrumbene Garden

Until all the children get their rights, we won't Stop
Mozambique is one of the least educated countries in Africa with hundreds of small communities that need social and educational infrastructure.
Morrumbene is a small village in the Inhambane province in the south of the country, which is increasingly lacking in public spaces. This lack of public space causes children to focus their energy on technology changing social behavior resulting in a loss to the real world.
We had the opportunity to revitalize the garden that unfortunately is being misused and allow the children to enjoy it again.
It is from the recreational activities that a child discovers, develop various skills, greater interaction with the environment in which they live and with others. This interaction is essential for children's physical and mental health and is fundamental to a harmonious society.
The Project links the three basic principles of Sustainability:
Reduce costs by looking for cheaper solutions (Economy) through the use of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, tires and bamboo, both materials easily obtainable in the region acting as pillars of the project (Low environmental impact). The project brings a crucial component to the villagers characterized by the union of the population working on the projection and construction of the Garden (Social).
Jardim de Morrumbene
Jardim de Morrumbene
The garden environments can be subdivided into:
Jardim de Morrumbene
Jardim de Morrumbene
English Map.jpg
Jardim de Morrumbene
Jardim de Morrumbene
Orcamento em Ingles.jpg
In the first phase of the project we made the diagnosis of the current situation of the Garden and the surroundings. Second, began the design process with the community. Third, all the materials and activities were registered to have a total budget  of the garden to enable us to raise funds through social networking and local events,  and finally to team up with the community to rebuild and maintain the garden that will be complete in the end of July 2018
Jardim de Morrumbene
Discussing with the community
2-What is the motive?
Our main focus is education and health of children. We believe that the development of a country is in the hands of the new generation.
The objective is to bring children closer to nature to change the direction of their thinking, to give them such attention is because they are imaginative and quick learners. Teaching early sustainability concepts for children is an important task. And with simple examples, we can have effects that will last throughout your life.
Morrumbene, Inhambane
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Preparacao da Maquete
Maquete Final LQ
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