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Approaching the district of Morrumbene, Inhambane in the northern direction we find LIVINGO VILLA located in a dominant position with its volume flowing in square waves separating the various waves that belong to the same ocean - LIVINGO VILLA


The implantation of the villa defines an oblique volume of 20⁰ in relation to the land orienting the night spaces to the sunrise refreshing the facades and also benefiting the sea views through the bedrooms and living rooms. This rotatingof the villa also allows the reception of the constant winds from the southeast refreshing the whole house, thus minimizing the use of air conditioning devices.


The ground floor consists of a large common room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 common bathroom, 1 office, 1 kitchen and 1 service area. The first floor consists of 3 bedrooms, one suite, 1 living room, 1 gaming room, 1 common bathroom, 4 balconies. The second floor consists of a staircase that leads to the terrace.

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