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“When I was diving into the blue waters of Tofinho beach, a house caught my attention, as it gave the impression of floating in the sea”. These are the words of a tourist
In fact, this was one of the intentions we had to design the Vila, with a “deck” extended over stilts like a barge that carries a house.

The Project was inspired on the sailing boat from the surroundings of Tofo making the front facade tilted 60⁰ in order to embrace the sea and allow a roof that exerts a force opposite to the prevailing winds making it sufficiently resilient.
In this way, a “green”
 project emerge disputing the wind, VILLA VENTO VERDE.

As the owner is a dive instructor, there was a need to generate a warehouse for his materials on the ground floor and the extended slabs serve as parking.
The first floor consists of 3 bedrooms, one en suite, 1 common bathroom, 1 storage space and a deck for leisure.
The second floor consists of a single space divided into a kitchen, living room, dining room and 2 social balconies.

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